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Space dragons

Destiny - The Arrival

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space dragons.

justonerussian asked:
I've been following since forever, but my PS4 has not come in (so I didn't play Destiny yet). So I was wondering, how does the weapon system work? Do your stats for one weapon save even if you drop it? Is there some sort of armory? Thanks!

You cant drop weapons, but you can trade them between your three characters in the vault. You can reset your perks unless you’ve locked them in for that particular weapon. There are several vendors in the game that sell weapons!

guardiansofthetraveler asked:
Do you think that after like a month people will run out of cool gear choices and just stick with one set, or do you think that there is going to be too many choices that it will keep us hunting for month on end?

Part of the game’s draw is finding something better for all three of your classes and for each subclass. There is going to be A LOT to do and its going to take A LOT of time my friend.

oncetherewasasam asked:
Hey there! I'm just curious if you plan on playing PvE or doing any Raids with any followers. If you are, I'd love to join in sometime!

Yup! I’ll probably do some tumblr play dates with followers in the future!

serpentunderit asked:
Hello! I just wanted to tell you how great I think your blog is and how excited it's got me for Destiny!

hey thanks! Running this blog gets me really excited too :)


                     TITAN ;; FIST OF HAVOC
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Anonymous asked:
SPACE DRAGON SPOILERS - You know there's a trophy for Destiny called Dragon Slayer, right?

Ok doesn’t mean it’s a literal dragon even though I hope it is!


Hello everyone! I’ve reached a pretty crazy milestone (1.4k followers) in a few short months since converting to a gaming blog. I’ve already done one giveaway but this time I’m going to be GIVING AWAY A COPY OF DESTINY FOR ANY CONSOLE. Yup, that’s right, a physical copy of Destiny on your door step on release day (well, I can guarantee that for North American followers). I DID plan to give away a collectors or limited edition but they’re hard to come by but a copy of Destiny is the next best thing!


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I’ll choose a winner September 6th using a number generator

Good luck!

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I’ll always wonder what goes through the heads of people who think it’s ok to reblog personal posts that have 0% relevance to their life.


Destiny’s Thunderlord. 


When people are looking at their phone while walking and they almost run into me, I just whisper “…eyes up guardian”

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