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thndrboltstrike asked:
what's your youtube channel name again?

Click here! Not much there yet, just a single podcast of Caty, Justin and I talking about stuff.

distortedhorizon asked:
you were my first follower, and since you promoted me, i am almost at 100. thank you very much sir c:


Everyone should seriously follow this guy, he makes really cool wallpapers for Destiny!


Anonymous asked:
Will you also be doing guide types of videos for people so they can find the dead ghosts and the golden chests?

Yup! We sure will. We have a team of like 12 people who are going to exploring every little section of Destiny to find these things.

“That’s really sad about her daughter,” Kelly said at last. “Miranda Keyes? I’d never have guessed. She’s so much like her father.”- Halo: Glasslands, Karen Traviss

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Anonymous asked:
Are you going to stream Destiny on Twitch? And if so, when? And #SpaceDragonSimulator2014.

Probably not, everyone else will be too busy playing to watch ME play! However youtube videos for story missions will be up. 

Tom Clancy’s The Division » Porn Details

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this video gives me hope

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allhailkingray asked:
What system are you going to be playing destiny on? If it's xbox one, are you willing to share your gamer tag?

I’ll be playing on Playstation 4.

My psn is Poopdawgs

Anyone can add me just tell me your URL so I know who is who.

Also this question is on my FAQ. Please feel free to read that page before asking a question!

distortedhorizon asked:
8 days til SAPCE DRAGNS


scartha asked:
Hey, just out of curiosity, I've seen several people in the destiny group on tumblr mention a group called "LPD". what exactly is it?

LPD is a little youtube group starting out and we’ll be making let’s plays, podcasts, and other stuff. It’s a great group of diverse and amazing people so I’m really happy that it’s a thing. Also if it makes any money from advertisements, it goes directly to animal shelters.

LPD stands for Let’s Play Destiny (real original I know).

Anonymous asked:
When me and my friend would have nothing to do, we'd head to the cosmodrome and play sparrow tag, or see who could find more loot chests. We're all just space dorks.

what a bunch of space dorks wow humanity is about to end and y’all just going around playing TAG.

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