Anonymous asked:
Do you think it would be possible to make an Awoken that looks like the Awoken Queen? Also, what class do you think she would be?

I don’t think her hair style exists in the creation. And she totally isn’t a guardian so she doesn’t have a class. She literally overthrew the Fallen Kell herself and took over an entire house of Fallen. Heart eyes for days*~

bcelliott72 asked:
Hello Destiny friend how are you and your guardian doing

I’m working and miss my guardian. Going to attempt to get to level 27 tonight with her by upgrading my newly purchased gauntlets from New Monarchy.


Fan-made twitter account for the Cryptarch from Destiny

jagwulf asked:
Do you actually become legend in Destiny or is it a false title for little effort?

Your journey to become legend starts with this game. Your guardian will (well should I hope) carry over to sequels. The final chapter of the destiny series is when you become legend.

My other favorite part is the reoccurring stupid fusion rifle bounty and the salvage bounties when Salvage isn’t even a game type right now.

My favorite part of Destiny is when I turn in a legendary engram and end up with a rare item every single time.

theawokenqueen asked:
u suk

Shut up Caty you nerd

Anonymous asked:
Do you have a name for your Guardian?

Zoraida Rocryar is my main (awoken hunter). My Warlock Exo is Sierra-7. They’re both pretty rad and I love them.

Thinking of changing my URL to Vaultofglass since I have that saved, but I’ve grown so attached to become-legend.

Anonymous asked:
psssst hunters got blink from warlocks

Yeah and we use them a lot better than warlocks.

If anyone is looking to do the raid, my fireteam is still looking for a few people to try later this week. At least level 25 or higher. No bladedancers, we already have our cloak medics.

howdo-spacemagic asked:


Are people really complaining about how hard the raid is? Like that’s the entire point? It’s supposed to be the most difficult thing bungie has created?